All weddings include a custom slideshow.


Our thoughts on weddings:

Listen. Look. Love. In the myriad moments of life, which ones to capture? The raw material of life is there, celebrated in weddings, the play of children, and the connection of family gatherings. It takes an experienced eye, with discernment at play, to define the beauty that exists in everyday experience. We believe that the first step in capturing the celebration of a wedding, or the heart-connections of a family is not to look, however, but to listen. A photo that moves someone is the shutter that was snapped at precisely the right moment, in a flash of synchronicity that combines instinct with experience, and an eye for opportunity. The glance of a groom as he sees his bride for the first time, the unfettered delight of a child as she falls into the joy of the afternoon. Those crystalline moments are captured first not by looking, but by listening to what feeling our clients want to freeze forever. So first, we listen to the story our clients reveal to us, and then we design that story in images. 

Keeping our prices simple:

We want to keep our weddings price as simple as possible. No hidden costs. We also don't take on any more than 2 weddings per month. We don't want to be a production line of endless images. Rather we want to spend time making your wedding and images just perfect. 

You get us for up to 2-6 hours on your wedding day. (You can request more) Depending on the size of the wedding will determine if  we use one or two photographers.

What do you get?

You get all the digital images from the day. (200-400images depending on length of wedding and number of guests)  Also 2 large prints of your choice (46mmx30mm). Also included is a custom slide show of 50 photos to share with friends and family.

We also include an engagement photoshoot!

Our fees:

We have 3 main packages.

1. Our main photographer for 2-4 hours with all of the above £495.00

2. Our main photographer for 4-6 hours with all of the above for £675.00 (£175 per addional hour).

2. If you would like 2 photographers, you just add £250 to the above fee.

Deposit is £200 with balance due prior to your wedding day.

Any other special options you may require can be discussed before booking us.

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