Old photos and slide work.

Elm Studios has for many years provided a copying service for old photographs. With the advent of digital technology we are now able to breathe new life into tired, faded and torn photographs. The results can be truly amazing. Your original photograph is not harmed or changed in any way but we will copy it and work on the resulting digital image

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Step 1. Scan of original picture ( we have to do this to make the digital image ) from £25
Step 2. Simple re touching ( removal of scratches, small tears, ink marks etc ) from £15
Detailed re-touching (removal of people, change of background, badly torn photos etc) from £35
Step 3. Size of new print
7x5 £18.00
8x6 £22.00
10x8 £30.00

Other scanning and printing services available. Call or email for details.

(min of £100 per job)

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